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Free Amazon, Paypal and iTunes Vouchers

February 21, 2014 Leave a comment

I’ve Started using a New app called FeaturePoints. The basics are – Download free apps from within the Android or iTunes app store and gain points. You can then convert the points to either Amazon, PayPal, Xbox gift card, PSN, iTunes, or even purchase paid apps. – OR Z7H74S as a promotional code for 50 points


It’s all part of the new advertising scheme to get the word out about great new apps. Instead of paying thousands to advertising on a random site, developers can encourage customers to download their apps for points. But lets be realistic, your not going to rack up millions of point after one day, but a few weeks and you’ve got yourself some vouchers to spend however you like. 


This app can be used worldwide and is free to use, follow this link and try it yourself –

By following the link you’ll receive 50 point to start with or by adding this promotional code – Z7H74S. Happy Voucher spending guys. 




This 3D/2D game will be out later this year on leading consoles like playstation 3 and xbox.. It features both “classic Sonic” and “modern Sonic”. Players will explore levels that were inspired by three different eras of Sonic’s past, including the originals, the Dreamcast era, and modern times. I’m still hoping of a iOS release which seems weak as the next iOS sega game to arrive will be the expected Sonic 4 Episode 2

The Sonic Generations game kicks into play with a 2D Green hill level, once completed you’ll then do the same level only in 3D with a few added extras like the attack, speed up and the use of rails etc. check out the extended gameplay video below to get a feel of whats coming !