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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 ??

June 6, 2011 1 comment

With both hit first shooter games coming out late 2011 it time to choose which game you will favour!

Now my opinion is Battlefield 3!! (due to the serious failure of black ops) The multiplayer maps are much bigger and game-play as a whole feels more realistic. But then call of duty MW2 was a hit!

take the time to watch these game-play/trailers and let me know which you prefer!! (will update when new footage of COD MW3 gameplay is available) 


Call of duty Mw3 trailer –


Battlefield 3 gameplay –




Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, we all love a bit of Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics have taken a completely different approach to what anyone could have expected for the next in the Tomb Raider series! Rebooted and set before any of the Tomb Raider games, Crystal Dynamics have changed Lara’s status from a explorer to a surviver.



 Lara’s shipwrecked and abandoned on a island where adventure is no longer her main objective.. the need to survive is! After the shipwreck Lara is captured and suspended from a ceiling in a unknown cavern. Looking around you know this is no regular tomb we’ve seen in previous games. This is a cavern of a psychotic  madman. After swinging back and forth Lara manages to burn the rope from one of the torches attached to the wall and frees herself. The fall is not as successful as you hope, Lara falls on to a spike, giving you the new feeling that Lara is not invincible and making the player think wisely before making the next move! Lara is faced with more human  puzzles throughout the  game, not the type were used to but one’s you seriously have to think realistically about! walking around the Den lara then finds trying to escape will be harder then you think! barrels which will explode need lighting but surrounded by water! Lara will need to find bits of junk from around the Den which can be set alight and sent to a Lara-made mechanism to make an exit!

after  the exit Lara is faced with location outside – not a pritty picture. 

Watch the debut trailer below and see what you think to the new Tomb Raider Reboot!!




This 3D/2D game will be out later this year on leading consoles like playstation 3 and xbox.. It features both “classic Sonic” and “modern Sonic”. Players will explore levels that were inspired by three different eras of Sonic’s past, including the originals, the Dreamcast era, and modern times. I’m still hoping of a iOS release which seems weak as the next iOS sega game to arrive will be the expected Sonic 4 Episode 2

The Sonic Generations game kicks into play with a 2D Green hill level, once completed you’ll then do the same level only in 3D with a few added extras like the attack, speed up and the use of rails etc. check out the extended gameplay video below to get a feel of whats coming !

iRobot scooba 230 and iRobot Roomba 581

The new iRobot Scooba 230, last seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CEs) 2011 is a hard floor and carpet cleaner (pictured above)  This small, light and easy to use cleaning device is ideal for cleaning the jobs you really don’t want to, like bathrooms and behind the toilet.

The iRobot has a battery life of around 2-3 20min cycles – one thing that could use a improvement as it does take around 8 hours to fully charge again. With two separate containers, one for clean and the other for dirty water, making it easy to refill and empty without fuss.

weighing in at only 3 pounds, just 3.5 inches high and 6.5 inches in diameter it really is a small cute alternative to a mop and bucket but only half as effective.

Many reviews have pros and cons to the new scooba robot, some saying it’s  really for moderate cleaning and not to expect a sparkling surface. bottom line iRobot’s Scooba 230 floor-cleaning robot can handle reasonably dirty floors, and access tight spaces, but it’s easily bested by heavy traffic areas, and it needs a longer-lasting battery.

check out the video below –


iRobot Roomba 581

The new iRobot Roomba 581 (pictured above) is a small vacuum that cleans carpets and hard floors. This robot can clean 4 rooms before needing another charge and also avoids stairs and drops! Roomba comes with a wireless command center you can tell it to vacuum when its most convenient for you. Roomba also comes with two light houses to direct the robot and keep it in one room. Aswell as a home dock which Roomba will automatically go to when finnished or running low on battery!

Again check out the video below (video is for roomba 570) –