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Free Amazon, Paypal and iTunes Vouchers

February 21, 2014 Leave a comment

I’ve Started using a New app called FeaturePoints. The basics are – Download free apps from within the Android or iTunes app store and gain points. You can then convert the points to either Amazon, PayPal, Xbox gift card, PSN, iTunes, or even purchase paid apps. – OR Z7H74S as a promotional code for 50 points


It’s all part of the new advertising scheme to get the word out about great new apps. Instead of paying thousands to advertising on a random site, developers can encourage customers to download their apps for points. But lets be realistic, your not going to rack up millions of point after one day, but a few weeks and you’ve got yourself some vouchers to spend however you like. 


This app can be used worldwide and is free to use, follow this link and try it yourself –

By following the link you’ll receive 50 point to start with or by adding this promotional code – Z7H74S. Happy Voucher spending guys. 



Dell Streak 7

The device you’ve been waiting for should be available in the UK before Summer.

The Dell Streak 7 now has a larger 7-inch multi-touch display screen. The devices runs on Android 2.2 and is firmware air upgradable. With a 1.3 MP front facing camera for face-to-face chat and using applications like Skype. Also a 5MP camera for taking photos of friends and family. The Dell Streak 7 is one of a few portable devices to  get a duel core 1GHz Processor, helping  applications run faster and smoother.

One thing that is good about the Dell Streak 7 and makes it different from devices like the iPad 2 is it ability to run adobe flash 10.1! making it easier to view your internet pages as you would on a PC or Laptop!

The Dell Streak 7 comes with 16GB memory which is upgradable if you have a SSD card So your never stuck for memory. With WIFI and 3G options you can connect internet, friend and family on the move. including built in GPS and blue tooth.

Check out the video Below –

iOS 4.3.2

Rumours report the new iOS 4.3.2 will be available to download at the end of the month. Reports say the update will address bugs and security flaws (jailbreak) within the iOS 4.3.1 firmware. This will be the third update sent from apple within the last month. Seems Apple are stepping up on the crack down towards the jailbreak exploits!

With the iPad 2 iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak just round the corner, jailbreakers are once again reminded to not update their devices unless completely necessary!

The bug fix’s will probably include the alarm, battery and graphics glitches, we keep hearing lots about. It’s also said to include a few enhancements – but not sure what they are at the moment!

Let’s hope it’s the last update until the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on the 6th June, which is unveiling the future of iOS. Again this could be the long awaited i0S 5 !